Are you protected? If you hire a company that does not carry workers compensation insurance you could be out thousands of dollars. Many claim to have coverage but either cannot show proof or provide a form with the expectation no one will call the insurance company to confirm coverage. Make sure you request a copy of their policy and call to confirm it is in full force and effect. Also, if you hire a company that treats its workers as independent contractors (i.e. 1099), the company is not required to have workers compensation insurance but the independent contractor is. Make sure you request a copy of each individual's policy coming to your home to clean. In this industry, workers compensation insurance is roughly 30% of payroll so if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be informed when choosing a maid service - it could cost you more than you think!

Why Choose Green Girl Maid Service?


Studies show that the air inside of a typical home can be 2 - 5 times more polluted than the air outside when toxic products are used for cleaning. It has also been shown that children exposed to toxic cleaning products are 400% more at risk of developing asthma than children not exposed to such cleaners. Because we only use green house cleaning products and practices, you can rest assured that everyone in your home or office is protected.

•Green Girl Cleaning Products

We use our own exclusive line of plant based non-toxic cleaners - Lil' Green Girl's World natural products. Lil' Green Girl's World is the vision of the owner to create a non-toxic, Made in USA, reasonably priced line of products. Lil' Green Girl's World products are never tested on animals and is truly a stand alone company that has no affiliation with any company that produces toxic chemicals/cleaners.


Most homeowners are not aware of the liability he/she incurs when hiring an independent home-service worker. The homeowner may be responsible for paying Social Security, Medicare (also known as FICA) and Federal Unemployment Tax for independent home workers. The homeowner may also be liable for for Federal Income Tax withholding.

The homeowner must also verify the home-service worker is legal to work in the United States and the should have a liability clause in case the independent home-service worker gets injured at your home. The homeowner may also be responsible for workers compensation payments in the State of California.

Fines and penalties for non-compliance of the above can result in substantial financial hardship to the homeowner. When you hire Green Girl Maid Service, we handle all of the above so you don't have to worry. Green Girl Maid Service is also a California State Certified Small Business.

Green Girl Maid Service was founded in 2008 by an Environmental Studies major from UCLA and has established its reputation as Orange County's premiere green maid company.

Green Girl Maid Service is an eco-friendly cleaning service for both residential and commercial properties in and around the Orange County, California area. We believe in creating a healthy, clean home or office while remaining environmentally conscious during the process. When it comes to green cleaning, with Green Girl Maid Service you can have the best of both worlds.

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If you live in and around the Orange County, California area, contact Green Girl Maid Service today. Our helpful and friendly representatives will work with you to provide the finest green cleaning services anywhere in Southern California. Call us at (714) 883-7257 today!

Green Girl Maid Service

We accept cash, check, and:     

Green Girl Maid Service is fully licensed, bonded, insured under a 1M General Liability policy,
and covered by Workers Compensation insurance.

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For the Sake of a Healthy Living


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