Miele Vacuums: Highest-Quality, Eco-Friendly, Dust-Busting Allergy Fighters

At Green Girl Maid Service, we take your family’s health under our top consideration when cleaning your home, and that’s why we choose Miele vacuums over all other brands of upright professional vacuum cleaners. Named by Vacuum Cleaners Digest as one of the best brands available on the market for the past 20 years, we like the Miele Callisto for many reasons, and after you read our reasons, you’ll understand why we chose this vacuum cleaner over the hundreds of vacuums out there.

Miele Callisto
Miele Callisto

One of the main reasons for our choosing the Miele Callisto vacuum is air filtration, thanks to its HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) filter technology. Going through twelve stages of air filtering, 99.9+% of the dust particles in the air in your home remain trapped and sealed inside the vacuum canister, and the air that exits the cleaner is clean and allergen-free. Dust mites can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers, so this vacuum cleaner ensures you and your family can breathe easier. According to Miele Vacuum Cleaners, an online blog that gathers reviews and articles about this brand’s products, not every upright vacuum cleaner that claims to fight allergens is as powerful as a Miele; in a comparison of the Miele S7260 and the Dyson DC41, both designed to remove pet hair, the Dyson model does not come with a certified HEPA filter, but every Miele vacuum does come with HEPA air filtration technology, eliminating dust mites from the air.


Another reason for our choice of the Miele vacuum is its high-quality motor production. Using varying levels of noise insulation, the motor on every Miele vacuum is sealed, so when we use our vacuum in your home, the noise is hardly even noticeable. Very dependable and user friendly, this brand of vacuum cleaner has a very low rate of repair. Along with this excellent motor, the Miele vacuum has so many other great features such as suction control, crush proof hoses, and natural hair floor brushes to ensure your hardwood floors do not get scratched.


As we said earlier, we selected the Miele Callisto over all of the vacuums in this brand to use in your home. According to Consumer Reports, this model comes with many tools, such as crevice and upholstery tools, floor and dusting brushes, manual carpet-height adjustment, and a telescopic wand. This vacuum works hard on removing pet hair and other allergens from your home, and the customer reviews at Consumer Reports testify to this. Raving reviews from other users led us to buy this vacuum, and we love our Miele Callisto as it fits in with our philosophy of using only green house cleaning products and practices. We think you will be very happy and satisfied breathing in pure, clean air without dust mites and allergens in your home after we are done cleaning it with our Miele Callisto vacuum cleaner.