4 Reasons to Switch to a Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

It’s hard to resist the convenience of using hand sanitizer to keep hands clean throughout the day.  If you’re not near a restroom, if you’re on the go, or if you’re in a hurry, hand sanitizer is the obvious choice.

However, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have several disadvantages.  Below are 4 reasons why it might be time to make the switch to a non-alcohol hand sanitizer.

1.  Alcohol evaporates instantly, making it less effective.

After using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, your hands are sanitized and clean.  Horray!  The only problem is that within seconds of sanitizing, hands can easily become re-contaminated when you touch something else.

Lil’ Green Girl’s World hand sanitizer is long lasting, providing protection from germs for hours after application.

2.  Alcohol dries out your skin.

One complaint of frequent users of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is that they dry out hands. Over time, this can cause painful cracking or broken skin that actually puts you at higher risk of becoming sick from germs.

Unlike alcohol hand sanitizers, Lil’ Green Girl’s World products don’t dry out your skin over time.

3.  Non-alcohol hand sanitizers are safer for children.

Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol pose several threats for children.  First, alcohol is very toxic if ingested.  There have been hundreds of cases nationwide of children accidentally ingesting hand sanitizer.  Second, alcohol is extremely flammable, so it requires careful, safe storage, both at school and at home.

While children should be supervised while using any kind of product, non-alcohol hand sanitizers are not flammable and not nearly as hazardous if ingested.

4.  Alcohol can be an irritant.

Because alcohol-based hand sanitizers are so widely used, its easy to forget what a heavy-duty chemical it really is.  Not surprisingly, many people experience irritation when using alcohol directly on the skin.  All of us have experienced the burn of alcohol when using regular hand sanitizer on hands with a small cut or sore.  Some people are intolerant to topical alcohol altogether.

See the different yourself.  Try Lil’ Green Girl’s World On-the-Go Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer and notice a real difference.  With plant derived ingredients and non-toxic chemicals, this hand sanitizer will bring you one step closer to a safer, green life.