Which Cleaning Products Should You Replace First?

Surely you’ve heard about the many benefits of making the switch from traditional chemical cleaning products to green cleaning products. But ditching all those chemicals and replacing all of your cleaners with green ones is a big step. If you’re just getting started, where do you begin? And what are some of the most harmful chemicals to get rid of first? Here’s our guide to getting started with green cleaners.

Glass Cleaner

Cleaners meant for glass and mirrors are a particularly pervasive product, and therefore they are one of the first cleaners you should replace with a green alternative. Getting that “streak-free” shine that every glass cleaner boasts is a result of the evaporative nature of ammonia, a key ingredient in glass cleaners. Ammonia is a major irritant. It is often inhaled when used and it is harmful to the lungs.

Glass cleaner is also one of the cleaners that is used most often. That’s why we recommend our clients replace their window cleaner as soon as possible, before almost any other green substitution you make. Instead, try using Lil Green Girl’s World non-toxic glass and mirror cleaner.


The dangers and health risks of bleach are well-known: bleach is a corrosive chemical that is extremely toxic when in contact with skin, eyes, or anything else. To safely use bleach, you should ideally be wearing gloves and goggles. Is a chemical that strong really something you want in your home? Does it take much convincing to get you to rid your house of bleach? We didn’t think so.

A great alternative to bleach is an all-natural, all-purpose household cleaner such as Lil Green Girl’s World non-toxic all-purpose cleaner. With natural ingredients such as coconut, pine, and citrus-based resins, you’ll get the fresh clean you need without the health risks.

Air Fresheners and Deodorizers

When most people think of harmful chemicals, air fresheners and deodorizers rarely come to mind. But chemical air fresheners are a toxic inhalant, and one that is used more often than regular cleaning products so it is arguably even worse to keep around than most cleaners.

Air fresheners contain phthalates, which is considered a “probable human carcinogen” by the EPA, meaning that it is likely that it can lead to cancer in humans. It is also known to interfere with healthy growth and development in laboratory tests.

Air freshener is a relatively easy chemical product to replace in your home with a better, greener alternative. There are also many fragrant green products to choose from to keep your home smelling fresh. Try Lil Green Girl’s non-toxic air freshener in Zen Garden scent. This product doesn’t simply mask bad odors with perfume and chemicals, but instead attacks bacteria that cause odors and eliminates it.

It may seem overwhelming when you first decide to make the switch to green cleaning products, but take it one step at a time. Begin with these three particularly toxic household chemicals, and you’ll be well on your way to a greener home and a healthier you!

Image via Flickr user tusnelda