How to Go Green While Traveling


Many of us already know how to go green at home while we go about our everyday lives. But what about the times when we are away from our normal routine? No doubt there is an entire movement dedicated to keeping the environment protected while traveling. Ecotourism is all about being conscious while you enjoy the very environment that we have the responsibility to protect.

Whether you are exploring the mountains or the canyons, the oceans or the desert, we must protect the environment so that it is available for our posterity to enjoy. Use these tips to do your part while traveling.

1. Choose Greener Transit

Depending on where and how you are traveling, you may have the option to choose a transit method that helps the environment. If you’re exploring an urban area, be sure to use public transportation methods like the subway, bus, or train. If you’re driving across the country, it may be possible to rent a hybrid vehicle. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, and if you’re in an area where weather permits, try renting bicycles to explore. If you need to take a non-hybrid vehicle, be sure to carpool.

2. Buy Local

Wherever you go, support the local economy by buying local whenever you can. This is also a great way to explore the local area where you are traveling. No doubt that local restaurants will be the most authentic cuisine in the region. Even staying in a local hotel over a corporate chain can be your access pass to local finds that you would never have learned about otherwise.

3. Choose Green Travel Products

There are some products that we just can’t live without while traveling. One of those items is the water bottle. Those long hauls across a state or region call for plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. Before leaving on your trip, invest in some reusable bottles that you can fill up at rest stops. Doing so will not only save you money over your trip, but will reduce your carbon footprint.

Another common travel product is hand sanitizer. But do you really want those harsh chemicals on your skin and near your children? Instead, stock up on Lil’ Green Girl’s Non-Toxic On-the-Go Hand Sanitizer before you go. You’ll get the protection you need from germs without the strong smells and harsh, drying alcohol of traditional hand sanitizers.

4. Choose Eco-Friendly Travel Companies

Some businesses in the travel industry are conscious of the environment in all they do. These businesses make sure to choose green products, offer green alternatives to traditional practices (such as hotels offering not to change towels and bedsheets everyday), and do not participate in damaging or unethical practices.

However, some businesses don’t make the environment a priority. When you choose a green business over one that is not conscious of their effect on the environment, you are voting with your money and letting non eco-friendly companies know how important it is to protect the environment.

Being eco-friendly while traveling isn’t always easy. It takes some planning in advance and some decision-making, but with these green tips, you can help the environment while you do some exploring!

Image via Flickr user Spicuzza