The standard of services rendered within the janitorial / building cleaning services is rapidly changing. State authorities are starting to ensure more attention is given where owners of buildings, occupants and janitorial services are complying to standards set by these authorities.

Together, we have a responsibility to reach GREEN CLEANING GOALS:

  • Clean Green buildings at the total lowest cost
  • Environmentally preferable purchasing program
  • GREEN SEAL - GS-42 Certification
  • ISSA CIMS - GB Certification
  • AASHE Stars Ratings
  • LEED Certification
From the basics you use every day like cleaning chemicals, vacuums, sanitary paper products, trash liners and hand soaps. We at Green Girl have sourced products that are registered, including Green Seal certified, UL ECOLOGO certified, EPA Safer Choice certified, CACC certified for low or no VOC and bio-based chemicals, as well as several other cleaning products with more environmentally preferable profiles. Products which have earned these certifications or have these attributes can assist a project pursuing LEED, AASHE STARS ratings, CIMGB Certification or a project pursuing WELL certification.


We at GREEN GIRL understand how green cleaning fits into the broader scope of your overall sustainability goals, and not only offer the approved accredited cleaning products but also provide staff training on best cleaning practices (including our own staff) to support a more sustainable approach to achieving CLEAN GREEN BUILDING ENVIRONMENTS.


We can write up a customized manual for your own requirements detailing what services are required, frequency of cleaning, areas of attention, what products are to be used, what machinery is required (vacuums running at acceptable decibel rates) etc. This will become a requirement by the State of California as a normal procedural requirement soon. The following areas are covered:
  • Chemistry - Low environmental cleaning products which are certified
  • Mechanization - Increase the effectiveness of cleaning systems by combining microfiber cleaning tools and other low impact cleaning equipment.
  • Diversion - Divert waste from landfill by instituting a re-cycling program with appropriate containers.
  • Entryways - Reduce the amount of dirt entering the building by deploying correct matting systems.
  • Consumables - Control dispensing systems for paper products and right sizing your trash liners. Use products which contain recycled content.
  • Conservation - Conserve energy and water in your building.
  • Wellness - Develop strategies to fight the spread of germs in your workplace.
  • Stewardship - Identify stewardship and sustainability goals. Commit to continued improvement in your ongoing maintenance operations.
We offer a format to identify your GREEN CLEANING PLAN by establishing a baseline of your current cleaning process, identify recommendations, deliver and track staff commitment, train staff and cleaning crews. We can customize your GREEN CLEANING POLICY, implement it and maintain it.

Please contact us for setting up an appointment so that we may assess your requirements.

We look forward being of assistance to you.

For the Sake of a Healthy LivingTM